Fiorello's Artisan Gelato
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Our Gelato

Caramel Balsamic Pint

Fiorello’s Artisan Gelato is committed to creating a wonderful Italian Ice Cream. We pride ourselves in fresh and tasty flavors that make your senses tingle! Our gelato is 100% Pure Taste and ZERO Air. This is what gives our Gelato a taffy like texture that melts in your mouth!

Our Flavors

Fiorello’s Artisan Gelato currently sells multiple flavors of gelato pints to high-end markets around the San Francisco Bay Area and Texas! By using wholesome ingredients we bring you the most delicious gelato that you are sure to have ever tasted!

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About Us

Fiorello Anthony (Tony) Bonviso founded Fiorello’s Artisan Gelato in 1982, after over a year of intensive research and product development to fulfill a dream. Tony wanted to bring to the Bay Area an unfamiliar, yet wonderful and luxurious treat – luscious gelato and mouthwatering sorbets.

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Where to Buy

Fiorello’s Artisan Gelato pints and gelato can be found at various local markets and restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and Texas. ‘

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“A little perfection goes a long way…”